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What is Foot Analysis

Foot analysis (Foot pressure analysis) is the application that shows the distribution of the pressure the foot applied to the base of the foot. Static analysis and dynamic analysis are two kinds. Static foot analysis, briefly static analysis, is the static measurement of the patient's foot pressure distribution to the base. Dynamic analysis is the monitoring of the patient's foot pressure distribution while walking. Thanks to all these analyses, the expert can produce healthier solutions. AckMetisens is a domestic manufacturer of these high-tech applications.

Who to Do Foot Analysis

Foot analysis can be done to patients of all ages. Analysis can be needed to examine many ailments such as inward compression, outward compression, flat insoles, etc. compression disorders and postural disorders. Especially in children, due to their light, there may be difficulties in obtaining analysis images. As AckMetisens, our engineers closely monitor the problems of the industry in these and similar problems, providing fast, point-firing solutions for the need and ensuring continuous development.

Walking Analysis

Walking analysis helps to determine the movements of the body during walking, especially the pressure distribution formed at the base of the foot. In this way, it can be easier to identify structural disorders. The balance of walking, which sits in which there are stability problems, changes in foot structure during walking are important. At this point, walking analyzers provide ease in stroke at the source of problems, walking analysis becomes more and more important in terms of quality of life. The walking analyzer is becoming more efficient and accessible with evolving technology.

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